Q.How often is Auto Locator published?

A. A brand new Auto Locator is published every Friday.

Q.When and how often is Auto-Locator.com updated?

A. Auto-Locator.com is updated every day with vehicles from certain dealers and it is updated with the vehicles from our print publication every Saturday morning. (24 hours after the publication goes "on sale").

Q. Where is Auto Locator distributed?

A. Auto Locator is distributed in 43 counties in Pennsylvania, as well as in Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and West Virginia. Click here to find a location near you.

Q. What is the advertising deadline?

A. If you are mailing your ad in (this includes e-mail), the deadline is Wednesday at 3:00PM, for the following Friday's book. If you take your ad to a photo center, their deadlines vary. Photo Centers are listed here for your convenience or see the current edition of Auto Locator

Q. Can I submit my ad online?

A. Yes. You can use our convenient online forms to:

Q. Do you have photographers that will come out to take a picture?

A. For your convenience, we have photographers who will come to your home or place of business. Call 1-800-482-2886 for photographer availability in your area, rates and information.

Q. What are Photo Centers?

A. Auto Locator has 15 conveniently located photo centers. Need a photo taken? Just take your vehicle to the location nearest you and they'll take care of everything. For individual location deadlines, see Photo Centers page on the web or see the current list in Auto Locator.

Q. I can't get Auto Locator in my area. Do you offer subscriptions?

A. Yes, we have subscriptions available for readers outside our circulation area. Call 1-800-482-2886, ext. 2557 for rates and information.

Q. Is Auto Locator just for dealers?

A. Definitely not. While we do have many dealers who advertise with us, we also accept many ads each week from individuals. The amount of private-sale ads in Auto Locator is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition.

Q. I have an automotive related business. How do I get an Auto Locator representative to stop out?

A. Simply call 1-800-482-2886 or contact us and one of our customer service personnel will put you in touch with your ad representative.

Q. What does it cost to advertise my business?

A. Call 1-800-482-2886 for rates and information.

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